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Our Story

A word to two from Sarah Clayton...

Let me take you on a short journey that saw a leisurely Sunday afternoon outing one day, inspire the start of 'Inspired Kollektions' and become the birth of, Sarah Clayton Art.

Actually, saying leisurely is a very loose terminology as when my partner is involved it usually means walking around as many shops as possible for hours on end! (Love you really). Having visited a local arts & crafts shop, my partner and I had been really taken-a back by a beautiful poppy picture that had been finished in a 3D glass resin effect. I think most people would agree there’s just something about poppies which draws you with their depth, colour and overall meaning in history. Although it was a mesmerising piece that evoked energy and emotion, sadly, the price tag was slightly out of our reach (gulp). Little did we know then that this was to be the ignition of the flame, the passion that would burn within and start something special within.

Later, as we continued to talk about that beautiful picture, I let slip that art had always been one of my passions and I always believed I would be able to make the picture, to which my partners response was, "Great! how quick can you make it?" Quickly our home garage turned from 'junk store-cupboard' to my brand new 'art workshop' where I was to create my incredibly heartfelt first picture named “Poppies". I must confess, this picture still takes pride of place at home today.

That was it, my imagination was running wild and the passion within was now a burning fire of energy and vision. Therefore, I then decided to enrolled in art courses trying out different techniques, stretching my imagination and also my ability to create art. When the opportunity came along to open a small shop in 2014, I decided to take the plunge. I began selling my artwork and small home accessories, quickly realising I had a gift to help others. This is where Inspired Kollektions was launched. I believed, following my personal that great art should be there for everyone to take home and experience. My focus for our company was to create “affordable art for everyone” as well as being able to stock some unique accessories for the home.

Success quickly followed and our ability to inspire others and transform homes soon brought more people wanting to experience similar in their lives. After 2 years, it was evident that we had outgrown the shop and as the business expanded and became more in demand we had to move into a bigger shop to gain that much needed and additional working space. Fortunately for us, there was space above our already established shop, where the opportunity of a 2000sq ft building became available that we could turn into a workshop, showroom and gallery in Birmingham. This is our home, although we often have pop-up shops too, but you can always find us here.

Inspired Kollektions furniture and accessories continues to “Inspire” having now developed further into 'Home Interior Help & Design', while Sarah Clayton's innovative Art is now licensed to some mainstream celebrities, as well as continuing to supply the trade, where her artwork is now sold in numerous stores and outlets throughout the UK. 

Above all, I am passionately inspired that I have been able to create and supply beautiful, affordable art for a growing following of like-minded people who simply want to appreciate their own unique connection with my art. 

"Art has a personality of it's and it often speaks where words are unable to explain"

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